Le Bourne Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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Aromatic and enrich taste of freshly roasted hazelnut combined with chocolate that gives a smooth texture of the spread. 
The chocolate hazelnut spread is complied and certified with Halal, HACCP, MesTI and GMP.

Storage Temperature: 20 - 25 ℃
Storage Condition:
Store the product in a cool, dry 
(relative humidity < 60%) location away from heat source and direct sunlight. Avoid strong odours and large temperature fluctuation.

Shelf life: 12 months  from date of production (in original packaging).


Sugar, vegetable fat, pure hazelnut, fat-reduced cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder, sorbitol, triglyceride, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanillin.

(This product is manufactured on the shared equipment that also processes products containing hazelnut, peanuts and other treenuts, milk, soy and wheat).

Nutritonal Label

Serving per 100g
Energy : 550 Kcal
Fat : 34.9 g
Saturated Fat : 14.2 g
Carbohydrate : 52.3 g
Sugar : 49.3 g
Protein : 6.5 g
Sodium : 30.5 mg

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